If Only We All Could Help
The World Would Be A Much Better Place

You know, if you left the Government to help out, nothing would get done!

Everything is a 5 minute wonder with them.

Which is why I have choosen 3 worthy causes who help support the poor, and the unfortunate on a FULL-TIME basis.

I know that many of us do not have the cash-flow to help out, which is one of the many reasons why I will be donating on your behalf.

News update:
As of 12th June, we have already established contacts with a high Ranking Govt' Official In Lybia who will help send Pre-Fabricated Homes that open up into 3 bedroom houses, with Bathrooms, Sinks, Kitchen, etc, to people who are struggling in Kenya. And all this happened before Daily Trading System launched. :)

Ken Surritte was passed on the information to finalize the agreement. How cool is that!

That's not all. Stay tuned for more information, if you miss the update you may very well see us on CNN and other TV Channels across the world!

5%+ Of Proceeds Will Go To 3 Charities



Hearts and Hands International and Water is Life is operated by a VERY good friend of mine; Ken Surritte.

Joel Comm and Ken Surritte got together a few years ago and set up the Tweet-a-thon to raise awareness for Water is Life. A charirty organisation to help those in Kenya.

Joel, myself and MC hammer were the top 3 guys who raised the most by digging deep into our pockets.

I was going through some financial problems myself back then but I put in my last $3,500.00 and sent it Kens way. I'm proud to say I helped over 1000 kids with water straw purifiers and I want to help more, so I am pledging a pool of 5% of all sales to these two charities and the one below - The American Red Cross; Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund.


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